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Buy the latest Spring/Summer collection by Bronté online where you can enjoy access to the whole range of summer hats for both men and women with the advantage of having them sent directly to you.

Bronté Bert Panama hat & Gabrielle wide brim boater style hat.

Bronté Hats | Amsterdam Design

Bronté Amsterdam (by ID Hats) combines contemporary

design with casual comfort.

The Spring/Summer Collection, for men and women, is made of luxury straws and materials and with respect for craftsmanship. The rich colour pallet of the Dutch sky is the source of inspiration: an icy grey-blue, the optimistic lavender-blue to the deep shades of midnight blue reflect the variety of Northern hemisphere sky’s.

Amsterdam’s canals framed with the historic grachten houses, as well as the city’s modern architecture, is the décor for this campaign. The cosmopolitan feel of this collection is presented by the brand’s muse, Bronté.

Your online shopping destination for the latest Bronté Amsterdam hat collection. Bronté creates sophisticated and comfortable hats for women and men. All our summer and winter hats are rich in material & craftmanship.

Browse and enjoy the latest fashion in headwear with a large choice of fedora hats, sun-visorswide brimmed sun hats, summer cloche hatscasual caps, rain hats, berets, Panama straw hats and trilby styles.

Bronté Shipper cap in Linton fabric.


The Bronté online shop offers the complete range of the Bronté hat collection. The Amsterdam based hat brand (established in 1992) offers ladies and men's hats for various occasions and needs, like stylish fedora hatscaps and beretsrain hats, a wide range of holiday and sun hats & visors.

The mission of Bronté is to offer contemporary headwear that is eminently flattering to the wearer and in line with his/her personality and lifestyle. The designs have a typical Northern European feel: we have stripped down our designs to the essentials, creating clean lines that ensure comfort and dimensions that sit perfectly on your head. This approach results in graphical and pure contemporary design combined with casual comfort.

A hat is like a frame to the face: its proportions and shape should enhance the features of the wearer. This is the adagio of the designer of Bronté hats and mother of the brand's muse Bronté.

Bronté Gino Fedora hat.

Know Our Hats

Being an Amsterdam-based label, we've considered all weather types and added a 'lost and found' label and invisible hair tie to prevent your hat from flying away while biking or doing other outdoor activities.

Bronté headwear is manufactured in ateliers that specialize in certain areas of craftsmanship and that ensure that every hat is made with utmost care while using Bronte’s selected high-quality materials:

The felt hats are made in Italy and Spain using the finest Portuguese felt;

The genuine Panama straw hats are braided and blocked in Ecuador;

Our rollable & packable hats allow you to travel with them wherever you go.

Browse and enjoy the latest collection and send us an e-mail if you have a special request.